Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frilly Figure Review#01: Izayoi Sakuya

Hi everyone and welcome to my second review. If you guessed Sakuya to the earlier lame guess post, I have sent your internets to you. Anyways please enjoy the review!

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Figure Information
  • Character: Izayoi Sakuya
  • Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises
  • Version: Figutto
  • Sculptor: I-con
  • Price: 3680 jpy
Image Review
  • Here she is brand new in the box. Once again to restate, the box is pretty big so know your shipping rates.
  • Back of the box, shows you some example poses.
  • Instruction sheet.
  • What she looked like before I took everything out.
  • And after. Notice that the tea set are all individual items!! This is cool, but inconvenient. You may want to tighten the stand as well(it was loose again).
  • Closeup of the interchange-ables.
  • 2 Different variations of expressions. The third is currently on Sakuya.
  • The very meticulously detailed tea set. Seriously I'm very impressed. Unfortunately the watch beats everything in terms of my favorite accessory.
  • 1st set of interchange-able hands.
  • 2nd set of hands.
  • Her knives.
  • What she looked like when she came out of the box.
  • Side view.
  • Rear view.
  • Dohoho.
  • Close-up. Wonderful paintjob.
  • The magnetic detachable hairpiece.
  • Her arm joint.
  • It took me around 10 minutes just fidgeting around to make her hold the teaset. I have pretty steady hands too. It's nice they are all standalone items, but I believe it would have been best if they came sealed on the plate.
  • The prototype shows her being able to touch her chin. I was not able to but don't take my word for it haha.
  • This is how I decided to pose her.
  • Different view.
Final Thoughts/Review:

  • Sculpt: 9/10
  • Painting: 9/10
  • Posing: 7/10
  • Base: 7/10
  • Packaging: 8/10
  • Enjoyment: 9/10
  • Total Score: 49/60

Sakuya Sakuya, I can't tell you how much I enjoy this figure. One thing I've yet to mention is the feeling of her clothes. MY GOD THEY ARE SOFT AND NICE. Whatever material Griffon is using...keep using it. She fell short on the posing part due do some of the accessories being very hard to pose. I put some of my figures on my desk so it shakes when I type. If you have a detolf or display your figures somewhere where it doesn't shake..add another 2 points to the score. I am thoroughly impressed with her & have no real complaints other than what was already said. Have you already ordered Reimu? Well order this one now. I don't care what you say.

Thanks for reading everyone!


A Hermit said...

Great review! Very glad I ordered her, can't wait! She looks really cool!

Frillybloomers said...

Oh so you decided on the Figutto? very nice, she looks good.

James said...

I'm going to buy this soon.

Link said...

I've never been a fan of too visible joints, but I think I have to get the other Figuttos if I ever get the money.
I like their faces and they seem to be nice.
Only have Reimu so far.

Natsume said...

Nice detailed review!

Tohno said...

Very nice watch on that.
As for the tea set, there's always a bit of glue, where as attached you don't have many opinions.

2cat said...

Looks nice. However after the Reimu one and a whole bunch of other figures my wallet is empty. I'll have to order this later, if there is a chance at all.

Lolice Margatroid said...

oh man, i don't have any figutto yet ; A;
forever poor

Rachelle said...

She sold out before I could order her. Feels bad man.

Kami No Pocky said...

This is so awesome. I love the pocket watch and the tea tray.