Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Frilly Figure Review#00: Reimu Hakurei Figutto

Hello everyone, this is my first figure review so please bear with me. I'm using a 6 mp camera so don't expect ultra quality haha. All that aside, please enjoy this review!

Figure Information
  • Character: Hakurei Reimu
  • Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises
  • Version: Figutto
  • Sculptor: Hiroman
  • Price: 3800 jpy
Image Review

  • Here is the box that Reimu came in. As you can see it's much bigger than a figmas. Please keep the shipping price in mind when order her. I paid 2200 yen for EMS shipping from AmiAmi.
  • Here we compare the size of the figutto to the figma. She looks colossal when placed next to the little figmas.

  • I compared the figutto to Revoltechs QB/QG line. Don't mind the figma stand that I used on alice..I only swapped it because the one she came with was garbage.
  • Everything that she came with is pictured here: Multiple hands, 3 faces, accessories, 2 different stands(will be discussed a little ways down), the base, & a really cool case to put it all in.
  • Here are the first set of optional hands available. Look closely & you can see that the fingernails are painted!!
  • Second set of hands.
  • Reimu's arsenal.
  • Okay, the figure comes with two different types of stands. The one on the left & in the middle are bendable, meaning you can pose them in whichever ridiculous way you can think of. I personally found the stand on the right more practical(and it looked better as well). Do notice that the stand may come a little loose so you may want to tighten it with a screwdriver(size 00 I believe).
  • The base. You probably can't see from the photo but it came looking scratched up. Would have preferred a clear base.
  • THIS. I LOVE THIS. I know it's just a box...but when have you bought a figure that came with this clear badass container? Seriously, this is a good move on Griffons part.
  • The figutto can stand on it's own without need for a base!!
  • Armpit pic, I don't even need an explanation.
  • Her bloomers. You can remove the skirt but I didn't bother cause it looks awkward.
  • Back view, paint job is really well done. No fudgeups from what I've seen.
  • Frillyyyy.
  • Her armcap is loose(as you can see). I tried everything but it seems it's just bent out like that a little. The majority of the people that I've talked to said they didn't have this problem. You can't see it from the front but thought I should note.
  • The headcap is very easy to remove due to it being magnetic! Really like this feature.
  • Hairpiece.
  • The different faces she comes with.
  • Posed her..this picture made me sad. I'm still sad now if you know what I mean.
  • Second pose.
  • My favorite pose.
Final Thoughts/Review:

  • Sculpt: 8/10
  • Painting: 9/10
  • Posing: 8/10
  • Base: 7/10
  • Packaging: 8/10
  • Enjoyment: 9/10
  • Total Score: 49/60
I really enjoy this figure but it does have it's kinks here & there. Overall I would recommend this to any touhou fan, or anyone that missed out on the figma version. I'd imagine she looks even better next to Marisa & Sakuya.

Heres what I did in accounting instead of paying attention..

Thank you for reading!!


Frillybloomers said...

I still prefer her over the Figma, really great paint work and nice detail.


A Hermit said...

She's great isn't she?
Nice review, your pictures are very good!

Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

I think I may adopt your scoring system when the time comes to do my own reviews.

If this is any indication, the Figutto line seems to have a bright future.


Beatrice said...

Beautiful fig
I like the poses

AKIBA-POP! said...

THAT'S AWESOME! Dem bloomers. Looks nice.

2cat said...

I'm seriously considering buying this. I hate figma, but this looks great!

frillydress said...

@Frillybloomers: Same here. At first I forced myself to like this one better because the figma cost so much..then I realized pretty quick I didn't need to lie haha.

@A Hermit: Thanks alot man..appreciate it!

@Hip-Hop Hikikomore: Awesome can't wait to see your reviews! The figutto line surely can't go wrong from here on out. They even decided to pull Marisa out with a delay to re-invent her dress sculpt & facial features!

@Beatrice: Yes she is.


@2cat: If you do decide too, I'm sure you won't regret it!

Cpt.Awesome said...

Very nice figure and review. I was looking forward to the Figutto series and they haven't disappointed me yet.

2cat said...

Bought the Reimu Figutto, last on amiami and preordered the Marisa figutto on amiami. They better be as good as you say.

frillydress said...

@2cat: no worries, if they don't please I'll send my my pinky haha

Rachelle said...

Oh, I am so excited for my Reimu figutto to arrive!

Thanks for the awesome review, and I really like your scoring system!

Link said...

Beautiful. She's one of my favorite figures.


Kami No Pocky said...

Wow that Figutto really turned out well. Great review, you guys are awesome.