Friday, October 29, 2010


Finally opened up my Angel Beats set 1 nendos today..the stands were way to hard for a human to put together. 2/3 of the bases wouldn't fit. I'll save the review on those when I feel up to it. Regardless of my pain, the little things are still adorable so I drew this up really quick for no particular reason. Also found it kind of funny how the pictures on the box were different than what came inside. /rant

Anyways, how was everyones day so far?

Click for semi-jumbo-er version.


Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...


My day was pretty shitty, even by NEET / hikikomori standards. It seems that everyone who isn't me is drunk. Meh.

Honda said...

I like the coloring of her hair~

Ah, my day wasn't so bad. Went to the store with my mom, which was nice. Otherwise, spent the day indoors downloading doujinshi and wishing SAL shipped faster.

Cpt.Awesome said...

Nice work as always. I still need to watch Angel much backlog.

My day was normal as usual. I'm looking forward to your pictures/reviews of the nendoroids!

Chiyo's Dad said...

Nice drawing. Her eyes are mesmerizing. Still yet to watch Angel Beats..

I just got up a couple hours ago, but it's been pretty good thanks sir.

Anonymous said...


But overall looks nice.

Today was alright, dreading the coming weekend.

Link said...

Nice drawing.

My day was normal. I tried to clean up but got stuck in front of the computer as usual.

>I still need to watch Angel much backlog.