Monday, October 25, 2010

A quick drawing to lighten the mood.

Drew her up pretty quickly. Drawing often helps me calm my nerves when I'm in "high tension" mode. But now I have ass-filled land slide amounts of accounting to plow through. Also started playing some mmo called Mabinogi. It's one of the few 3d mmos that I can run on this ancient computer. Regardless of my shitfest, I hope everyones having a good day!

click on her for a larger view.


A Hermit said...

You are definitely getting a lot better, she looks really pretty!

Jerry said...

You were tense when you drew this?
She looks so calm.

Cpt.Awesome said...

Looks pretty good. I like this drawing quite a bit.

I only played Mabinogi for a bit but I remember fapping to Nao.

Kirari Star said...

Yeah, agreeing with Jerry. She looks pretty calm and relaxed for a drawing made by someone tense.

Only, Nao is the only thing I remember about playing the beta for Mabinogi, aside from people sitting in town playing Bleach songs.

Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

I played Mabinogi for over a year. It was a shit game that wasted away my life. My character is now sitting somewhere at level 1200 while being 90 years old or something.

>I remember fapping to Nao

I still occasionally fap to Nao.

Also, your drawings are getting really good.

Chiyo's Dad said...

Magnificent drawing.

LzK said...

You're getting good at this. When using the tablet I usually don't have the patience to draw so I just do quick sketches.

Drawing straight lines is hard ;_;