Saturday, November 13, 2010

Building on whats already there.

Spent these last couple days doing some remodeling to my place. Very happy how it all turned out. Whenever my mind feels cluttered, a change of my daily scenery helps to lighten things up. So how is everyone doing?


Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

I know what you mean. A change of scenery makes everything feel fresh.

I'm doing fine. A lot of my worrying problems have fixed themselves, so I'm out of my depressive mood.

A lot of things tend to be looking up, actually. All except for the blogs. Blogs seem to be dying. ;_;

Jerry said...

I wish I could remodel my room but I have so much stuff and everything's so heavy.

Glad you're in a good mood. I'm kinda tired actually but everything should look up eventually.

A Hermit said...

I'm in a good mood too! Managed to watch some backlog finally. I rearrange my room every few months whn I get sick of it, it helps to not have many belongings.

>Blogs seem to be dying. ;_;
Unfortunately this seems to be the case

Chuck McElroy IV said...

Go you! I just got moved into my place so I know the feeling!

Chiyo's Dad said...

Good for you, bro. As Hip-Hop Hikikomori said: a change of scenery makes everything feel fresh.

I'm tired and pretty average..

Dan said...

Totally. I love cleaning. THough it gets rather irritating cleaning up after my roommate every day. He doesn't do the dishes unless I don't do them for 2 weeks. By then the sink is unusable because there are too many dishes in it to turn on the faucet.

However yeah, I do enjoy moving crap around in my room and making my mind stay active and whatnot. Like, repetition is only good for very few tasks- mostly things involving muscle memory. However, I once heard that the best way to fight off Alzheimer's is to keep the mind active. Move that crap around and keep on your toes!


Kami No Pocky said...

Trying to take it easy as well as do some studying, but the easy taking seems to be winning.

The Angry Vegetarian said...

As a designer I know how important it is to change your scenery. People don't realize just how big a role your surroundings play in your life.