Monday, December 6, 2010


So remember the post about me stopping during my presentation last week? Well I got the results back and I got 150/150 for the paper portion, and 0/50 for the actual presentation. 0....seriously? Can't you at least give 1-5 points out of courtesy? I mean I could of just not done the presentation at all & still get the same grade. Just hoping for a passing grade so I can get out of this ridiculous semester.

How is everyone doing? At the very least, I hope you guys are well.


Eggs Hardlego said...

That kinda sucks, at least you aced the other part of it. I'm doing more or less OK. More or less.


sucks but congrats on the 150 :D following your blog dont forget to follow mine :p

A (British) Hermit said...

At least you got full marks on the written part, maybe they are a stingy bunch when it comes to presentations.
I'm alright, still cold.

Chiyo's Dad said...

First off, congratulations on the 150! But that's a complete travesty that you got a 0 for the presentation. That's too harsh.

Faults no Faulty said...

Maybe the gave a full mark on the written part to compensate for the presentation? Giving 0 is a bit too much tho.

I'm in the middle of an exam, wish I could get over it soon.