Monday, October 4, 2010

Late as usual.

Alright so the story of this post is to explain the fact that I've had this game sitting on myhard drive for over a year. It's Called Touhou Project: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody(or Hisoutensoku/12.3). Finally decided to play it today...why did I wait so long. I like fighting games in general(sadly I am to shy to play..even online). This game is a lot of fun though. 

  •  Heres what the character select screen looks like.

  •  Onscreen.

  • Another.
I'm using: as a guide to learn combos and such. I'm pretty sure I'm like the only person who hasn't played this till now. But if you're like me..definitely try it out!!


A Hermit said...

I rather like the soundtrack to this game, especially the character selection screen/opening music

Link said...

I've never played this game seriously. Maybe because I have no controller, only my keyboard. And because I suck horribly at fighting games.
And yes, the soundtrack is great.

Frillybloomers said...

I haven't played it either. I've heard about it a long time ago, but far to lazy to actually download and play. ..I might soon.

frillydress said...

yea this game is kind of hard on keyboard for me. I use my ps3 fightstick and it works pretty well, the game does a good job letting you map your buttons.

Kami No Pocky said...

Just wait until you get to the other routes, they're great.

My favorite character to play is Suwako.